Launched Today: Advanced Usage Settings for Greater Control Over Your Feeds

Thursday, October 14, 2010 | 5:02 PM

When we launched the Google Merchant Center, our goal was to create a central place for merchants to upload and manage their product listings. Merchants are now using their Merchant Center data to get qualified traffic from Google Product Search, improve their on-site search with Google Commerce Search, and enrich their AdWords campaigns with product extensions.

Today, in order to give merchants more control over which of their feeds and items appear in these destinations, we’re launching some advanced feed usage settings in the Merchant Center. For merchants who are only using Google Product Search, there is no need to change any settings; those who are using either Google Commerce Search or product-based ads formats can use the new "Set advanced feed usage settings" link within the Data Feeds tab to exclude or include a feed for a particular destination. For item-level control, merchants can use the new "exclude destination" attribute in their feed. To find out more about these changes, see this article in our Help Center.