Announcing the Google Product Reviews Program

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | 11:13 AM


The web has made it easy to make decisions: when I’m going out to eat, I can easily check to see what people thought of that hot new restaurant, and when I’m about to buy a new digital camera for my upcoming trip to Portugal, I can read through dozens of reviews to help me make the best choice.

User reviews and ratings give ordinary consumers a voice, and are particularly important when a prospective customer can’t go into a physical store to ask questions or play with the product. That’s why, at today’s Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit, Product Director Sameer Samat announced the Google Product Reviews Program. Through the program, we will begin featuring full-length product reviews and user ratings from participating retailers and manufacturers wherever it will help users with their shopping, including in our search results and advertising programs. On Google Product Search, for example, we’ll feature your logo alongside representative reviews from your site, increasing brand exposure for your web store at a key point in the conversion process.

To kick off this program, we’ll be working with Bazaarvoice, a leader in the user reviews space. If you’re a Bazaarvoice client, all you need to do to participate is to let Bazaarvoice know you’re interested in submitting your reviews to Google, and to make sure you’ve specified your canonical URLs for products in your web store. If you’re not a Bazaarvoice client, hold tight - we hope to add additional partners, as well as a self-submission model, soon. For more information about the program, please go here.

Posted by Kinnari Jhaveri, Strategic Partnerships