Google Merchant Center Launches in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands

Monday, February 7, 2011 | 1:30 AM


Later this year, we plan to launch Google Shopping*, our shopping search engine, in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. To participate in this free service, merchants use a site called the Google Merchant Center to submit and track their product data feeds. To give all merchants time to submit their products and be included in Google Shopping when it launches, we have opened the Google Merchant Center for these countries early. Once Google Shopping has launched, products submitted through the Google Merchant Center may also appear in relevant 'Shopping results' on,, and

If you're a new merchant and would like to start submitting your products to Google for Spain, Italy, or the Netherlands, we recommend checking out the 'Getting Started' articles in our Help Center, and then reviewing the data feed instructions and requirements for your target country. Existing Merchant Center users now have the option to select Spain, Italy and the Netherlands from the target country drop-down menu when registering their feeds in the Merchant Center.

As we launch in new locations, we want it to be easy for you to make your products accessible to customers around the world. Our data requirements differ by country, so you can now view the data feed specifications for all countries in your native language by using the drop-down box on the top of the Data Feed Specification help article.

*Known as Google Product Search in the United States and the UK.